Planning: MISSONI architects / Photos: Patricia Weisskirchner
VELUX INTEGRA® centre pivot roof windows
Built in 1949 and converted several times

Isabella’s house, where she lives with her family, was built in 1949 and has undergone alterations from minor to major over the years. In 2017, the family decided to extend the top floor to take advantage of all the available floor space and to add a flat-roofed wooden addition to accommodate their growing family.


Daylight makes all the difference

"I had already lived in an attic apartment and I was aware of how dark that kind of space can be. That's why it was so important to me to have lots of windows to let enough light into the attic.  When you live in a dark attic room, having lots of natural light really makes all the difference. So we quickly realised that we wanted to install roof windows. When we visited the VELUX stand at the Graz Homebuilders Fair, we had a look at all their products and got some great advice. Together with our architect from MISSONI, we decided to go with eight roof windows and a flat roof window," recalls Isabella.

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. In touch with nature: "When I get up and look out the window, I see this huge mountain. You feel so much more connected to what's happening outside, even when you're inside: For example, our kids love to watch the snow. You get this special effect when there's thunder and lightning at night-it's really enchanting to watch."

  2. Lots of daylight: We love all the daylight we get upstairs.  Even if it's cloudy outside, it’s still very bright inside-pretty unbeatable when you have small children. I wholeheartedly recommend all homebuilders pay attention to daylight planning."

  3. Fresh air and cooling off at night: "We also use our roof windows to improve the ventilation in the house and we took that into consideration right from the planning phase. We use the three windows in the corridor and the window in the bathroom to cool the house down on long summer nights. Since the roof windows are equipped with rain sensors, we can just leave them wide open and go to bed."
Planning: MISSONI architects / Photos: Patricia Weisskirchner
VELUX INTEGRA® centre pivot roof windows
A really special space to live in!

"We decided to open the rooms up all the way to the gable-together with the roof windows, it just creates this really outstanding space to live in.  If we'd put in a dropped ceiling here or saved on daylight, we would certainly have regretted it."

"We really feel right at home in our new house. And when we have people over they love the results."
- Isabella, homeowner
Planlegging: MISSONI architects / Foto: Patricia Weisskirchner
Barnerommet har en skikkelig populær detalj

"Vinduet for flate tak som finnes på loftet, er skikkelig flott og gjør rommet til sønnen min til noe helt spesielt."

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