Nytt tak ga nye ideer

Morten Woldum og Charlotte Sund har brukt de siste seks årene på å gi sin gamle murermestervilla en kjærlig oppdatering. Da tiden kom til barnerommet, valgte paret å åpne taket og utnytte utsikten maksimalt med takvinduer.

Murermestervillaen fra 1924 trengte et nytt tak, men Morten og Charlotte hadde hatt nok å gjøre med å renovere huset innvendig og hadde ikke kommet så langt ennå. Etter seks år i villaen og to barn rikere besluttet de at det var på tide.

"Vi hadde problemer med kulde og dårlig inneklima, noe bedre isolering og et nytt tak kunne hjelpe oss med. Når vi likevel skulle i gang, kom vi på ideen om å la taket gå opp til mønet og gjøre noe ekstra ut av rommet til barna", forteller Morten.





Remote-controlled roof window which self-regulates the ventilation in the room

The top two roof windows are remote-controlled VELUX centre-pivot roof windows, which self-regulate the ventilation of the room and close themselves in rainy weather. "We gain a lot from the sun through the new windows, which ventilate automatically, so it's always fresh and pleasant to be in the rooms up there. You just don't realise how important a good indoor climate is until you have it," he concludes.

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. Indoor climate: At the same time, their brick house has regained its heat thanks to a new roof, better insulation and the range of new VELUX roof windows.

  2. Aesthetic benefits: Morten and Charlotte are aesthetes to the core and chose to combine these with two manual VELUX roof windows below, designed so that the strip between the two sets of windows is as narrow as possible.

  3. Product functionality: The top two roof windows are remote-controlled VELUX centre-pivot roof windows, which self-regulate the ventilation of the room and close themselves in rainy weather.
A fantastic room effect

The couple took inspiration from, among other places, Instagram, where Morten found a number of exciting VELUX solutions and ideas to make the most of their loft space.

"I drove up to the VELUX showroom in Hørsholm, where I had a good look around and talked some ideas through with the consultants. I had a pretty clear idea of what we wanted for our space and ended up with the idea of four VELUX roof windows assembled in a single large block that opens one entire side of the roof. It creates a fantastic effect in the room, and everyone who visits is so surprised when they come in."
- Morten, homeowner
An experience room, bathed in daylight

The new children's room has become an experience room, bathed in daylight from the four VELUX roof windows, making full use of the room's new ceiling height. "It's made a massive difference to the boys' experience of the room - it's now a place where they want to be, whereas before they weren't that keen to use it. The desk beneath the windows is a fantastic place they can sit and draw - and do homework, when the time comes - and in the meantime it's a great workspace for us adults. In the evening, the children can lie there and look up at the stars and the moon from their beds, and that's something that has made an impression on them," Morten reveals.

VELUX products used in this case
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VELUX INTEGRA® elektrisk takvindu
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